Geodesy and geoinformatics

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State survey and real estate cadastre

  • Land surveying for the purpose of establishment of the cadastre and land registry records
  • Cadastral surveying and technical reambulation
  • Land subdivision plans and other surveying reports

Engineering surveying

  • Geodetic surveys - preparation of land surveying maps  for the purpose of spatial planning and construction
  • Surveying projects
  • Stake-outs and preparation of stake-out reports
  • Design and establishment of special purpose micro-triangulation networks
  • Precise surveying measurements in civil engineering and industry
  • Monitoring of building structure movements and deformations
  • Creation of 3D models and volume calculation

Hydrographic surveying

  • Hydrographic surveying of the seabed and inland watercourses
  • Depth control of ports, marinas, watercourses and channels
  • Surveying of underwater corridors for design purposes
  • Monitoring of dredging and land reclamation works
  • Compilation of digital bathymetric models


Utility cadastre

  • Establishment and maintanence of a utilities cadastre
  • Preparation of survey reports for cadastral registration of utilities lines

Surveying supervision

Surveying supervision over the construction of roads, water supply and sewage system networks and building constructions.

Mobile mapping

  • Georeferenced video recording of roads
  • Creation of road traffic databases


  • Spatial data collection
  • Creation of databases
  • Creation of interactive maps with multiple layers
  • Creation of web GIS browsers